family dedications

Family dedications are an exciting time for parents! Parents make a public commitment before God, their family and our Bethel church family to raise their children God’s way (1 Samuel 1:27-28). Parents embrace the responsibility given to them by God to train, teach, and be godly examples to their children. It is an opportunity to trust in God for the wonderful blessing of their children.

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Reserved Seating - you can reserve up to 12 seats on the floor for you and your family members. (additional family members will be seated in available seats in the room)
Family Dedication is a milestone moment. We want to celebrate these moments! This could be a pivotal moment in your family's story. We want to remember and celebrate what God has already done with your family and what He will do in the present and future! Family Dedication may only last a few minutes in the service, but it extends far beyond that!