COVID plan


Below are answers to common questions about how Bethel is dealing with the COVID pandemic:

Where do we get our guidance from?
We follow CDC and Philadelphia health guidelines.

Do I need to wear a mask?
On March 2, 2022, Philadelphia removed its indoor mask mandate, so masks are no longer required for services, classes or groups. But, for all who prefer wearing masks, you're welcome to continue wearing masks at Bethel. 

I’m nervous about being in a larger group. How are you handling seating?
While Philadelphia does not currently have a mandated social distancing requirement, we continue spacing our seating in the auditorium and classes.

Who can attend services & classes?
Everyone. Our mission is “Inviting EVERYONE to experience God’s best” and we’re passionate about this...even in a pandemic.

Who shouldn’t attend services & classes?
Those who are positive for COVID or have recently been exposed to someone with COVID, those who or are sick or those who have a fever above 100 degrees.

How is the building cleaned & sanitized?
Each week, all common areas (auditorium, restrooms, classrooms, etc.) are cleaned with approved cleaning agents.

How are the kids’ classrooms being cleaned & sanitized?
All hard surfaces, toys & games are sanitized after each service. And, all classrooms are thoroughly cleaned each week with approved cleaning agents.
Are Sunday services still streamed online?
Yes. We understand that not everyone feels comfortable returning yet, so all services are streamed live on our Facebook page, YouTube channel and website.
How can I give my offering?
We’re not passing offering baskets in the services, so you can give your offering at the Welcome Center, by putting it in the designated offering slot. You can also give electronically through the PushPay app. Not sure how to use the PushPay app? Ask for help at the Welcome Center.

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